How to become a pro player in BGMI {5 pro tips 2023}

How to become a pro in BGMI

How to Become a Pro in BGMI

If you’re looking to become a pro in BGMI, it’s important to put in the hours. You can watch YouTube videos to learn the basics of the game and watch esports tournaments to see what strategies pro players are using.

Whether it’s last-hitting, aiming with accuracy, or maximizing actions-per-minute, these skills are crucial for pros and need to be ingrained in muscle memory. Start practicing them today!

1. Practice makes perfect

Despite being a decade old, BGMI is still the undisputed king of the mobile game turf. While it has lost out to PUBG on sales volume and customer satisfaction, it is still the best of the lot in terms of quality of service and features. It’s also the gtr most fun to play. A recent survey of a random sample of adolescent gamers found that a whopping 70% of respondents are still playing the game. The game has been a boon to local businesses like restaurants and hotels and is the envy of many competitors. It was not without its kinks, though.

2. Watch YouTube videos

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, watching YouTube videos can be a great way to improve your gameplay. They can teach you tips and tricks, give you insight into a game’s mechanics, and offer an opportunity to practice your cyber lingo.

The best thing about YouTube is that it’s free to use and easy to navigate. Plus, you can even share your own content on the platform.

In addition to being a great place to watch your favorite content, YouTube is also an excellent tool for increasing your brand’s visibility on the Internet. In fact, it’s one of the most popular social media channels for brands and businesses.

If you’re interested in improving your YouTube performance, a good start is to focus on keyword research. This means looking at what people are searching for and adding those search terms to your video titles and meta descriptions.

Another good tactic is to create engaging YouTube videos. These videos will get you more views, and will help your channel build trust with new subscribers.

It’s important to be able to play YouTube videos without interruption, and that means having fast, reliable internet access. If you’re not sure how fast your connection is, you can try a free online speed test.

Alternatively, you can download an app to your phone that allows you to stream YouTube videos. This is a simple way to increase your gaming time while on the go, and it’s a great way to get used to playing video games.

If you’re looking to become a pro in BGMI, it’s essential to watch YouTube videos as often as possible. It’s a great way to improve your skills and learn from others’ mistakes. You can also find inspiration for your own videos by reading other people’s feedback, and by taking a look at the competition in your niche.

3. Put in the hours

The battle royale mobile game BGMI gained a lot of popularity in India in a short span of time. However, it also brought health challenges in its wake. This is why Krafton has introduced a few new features to keep players safe in the game.

One such feature is the BGMI game-time limit. It allows minors to play the game only for 3 hours a day. In order to play more, they will need a confirmation from their caretakers. This can be done through an OTP (one-time password) sent to their caretaker’s registered number.

Another feature that aims to curb the addiction of underage players is the Game Responsibly campaign. This campaign will drop short videos encouraging users to put down their devices at regular intervals and also showcase the parental control features that allow parents to restrict their children’s screen time in BGMI.

Additionally, BGMI has sensitised its graphics and language to minimize violence in the game. It also has a virtual world reminder that helps players understand that the game is set in a virtual world and should not be treated as real.

These changes are part of a larger initiative by Krafton to promote responsible gaming and build a healthy gaming culture in India. It also includes removing blood in the game and making internal and server changes to prevent cyber threats.

According to a report from News18, Krafton held discussions with officials in the Indian government to make the required modifications. These include limiting playtime to address addiction issues, removing blood from the game due to concerns about its violent nature, and making internal and server changes that will protect user data from potential profiling and cyber-attacks.

4. Set your goals

Whether you want to become a pro at BGMI or any other game, it’s important to set goals. These can range from learning new strategies to improving your overall game performance. If you know what your goals are, it’s easier to work towards them and reach them.

One of the best ways to improve your BGMI skills is to learn from others. Take the time to watch YouTube videos and read articles about how others play the game. By watching others play, you can see what works and what doesn’t, which will help you decide which strategies to adopt.

You can also read up on the various BGMI maps to learn which ones are best for your playstyle. There are some BGMI maps that are specifically designed for beginners and others that require advanced skill to play. You can also find information on how to get the most out of a certain map and what weapons are available on that map.

There are several things you can do to improve your BGMI skills, but the most important is to practice. This will help you improve your overall game performance and make you a better player. It’s also a good idea to play with friends and join a team so that you can gain valuable experience.

The most important part of becoming a pro at BGMI is to believe in yourself and have the right mindset. If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t be able to succeed at your goals.

A reputable BGMI pro and YouTuber, Sohail “Hector” Shaikh, recently posted a story on his Instagram account that has created quite a stir amongst his followers. In it, Hector demonstrates the most coveted trick in the BGMI world. It’s a clever trick that he performed with a gun that not only simulated the most significant features of BGMI, but also won him a few awards.

5. Fix high ping issues

A poor ping in BGMI Mobile India is one of the main issues that spoils a player’s gameplay experience. It can lead to a bad match with your opponent and even cause you to lose the game.

High ping is caused by a variety of factors including the location of your device or router and various complex networks. Changing your network’s settings can help to reduce ping.

Stopping background applications is another good way to fix high ping. This is because these apps consume a lot of resources on your device, such as your phone’s memory and battery.

Another option is to choose a higher-speed internet connection. This will ensure that your ping is lower, allowing you to play the game more smoothly without any lags.

Using game boosters is also a great way to reduce lag. These apps are designed to optimize device performance, increase bandwidth, and prevent background apps from accessing the essential network and memory.

You can use a game booster on any Android smartphone to improve the experience of your games and reduce lag. These apps are usually free to download and can be found in the Google Play store.

Switching to a different server can also help to reduce ping in BGMI Mobile. This can be done by switching to the Asian or European servers, depending on your location.

Moreover, you can also use a VPN to connect to a new server. This will help to reduce lag and latency, but you should make sure that your VPN is compatible with the server you’re playing on.


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