The Summer in a Startup programme seeks to promote startups and encourage entrepreneurial acumen amongst undergraduates. An initiative of The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Pilani and powered by BITSAA, SiS aims to give the students at BITS Pilani the opportunity to intern at a startup over the summer. In 2013, CEL is proud to present the 5th edition of SiS.

Why should you go for a Startup?

The end-to-end objective for SiS and CEL are adding symbiotic value, to the startup and the intern.Considering the constraints of capital and infrastructure a startup deals with, each team member is looked upon as an invaluable asset, responsible for robust performance delivery in a startup. In plain words- the interns are virtual stakeholders of the startup, thereby replicating the total experience of operating in the startup ambiance. Working in a company with an optimum head count of less than 50, SiS interns have the opportunity to “be heard”, receive and share insight and bring real action to the table.

Undergraduates (especially freshmen) presume their lack of technical skills will render them ineligible for an internship. Though this holds for corporate firms and large industries, there exists s a plethora of startups for students to spend the summer constructively.  And those who do manage to intern at large corporate houses are disappointed at their skills not being leveraged to the optimum; an inevitable consequence of interning at a firm with thousands of underutilized talent.

SiS’s track record so far reflects our success in meeting the objectives of the program- to provide students the opportunity to understand entrepreneurship hands-on , and bring in new talent and fresh perspective to startups, besides a long term relationship with an institute of BITS Pilani’s Pedigree