Print is one of the most unique projects run by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Through this project, CEL reaches out to all its stakeholders and fulfills one of its most important objectives- to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship to the student community and beyond.

In its new avatar, Print does this by bringing out two publications, Aspire and Imagine.

Imagine is the new e-magazine launched by the print team. The magazine was digitalized to cater to the rapidly changing way in which people access information. The theme behind Imagine is the power of ideas. It is ideas that drive the creative process and we believe that innovation is the mother of all great change. Imagine attempts to showcase some brilliant ideas in a reader friendly layout. We also try and get the stalwarts from varied fields to share their experiences with us and present these to our readers so that they can get inspired from these success stories.

Aspire is the annual magazine brought out by CEL. It contains writings about the happenings from the world of entrepreneurship. It is basically an informative publication, discussing the hot topics in entrepreneurship. In the past editions, we have got some of the most successful entrepreneurs to write for us through Aspire.

If you think that you can contribute to our endeavor, please get in touch with us. We can be reached at:
Rishabh Gupta
Project Lead, CEL Print
+91 95498 20792